Selections & Building Process


Just as construction has begun, we begin our selections process.  Using our SELECTIONS CHECKLIST as a guide that includes guidance and information to assist you in making your selections with confidence and ease.  Our goal for you is that the building experience is a fun and pleasant one.  In order to accomplish this goal, we keep our selection process moving forward so you stay ahead of deadlines.  This way, we can place our orders in a timely fashion so that the building process flows expeditiously.

 Again, we believe it is very important for our clients to have a pleasant and fun experience building their home, and our process for selections really does help us attain this goal!



Using the preliminary cabinetry drawings and the KITCHEN DESIGN CHECKLIST, we will discuss all areas of storage and use to assure that your kitchen is as functional as possible.  By spending an hour or two focusing on the kitchen, down to the smallest of details, our clients agree that it is time well spent and worthwhile.  We will also discuss new products to consider when selecting plumbing fixtures and appliances.



Guided by our electrician, we will walk through your entire home confirm or change the locations of light switches, fixtures,  dimmers, TV locations, and many other areas of electrical needs.  We will provide guidance and offer suggestions to help you make your decisions.



Prior to installation of closets, we will review, recommend and discuss all of your closet layouts, including  the walk-in pantry.  The closets are shown on the architectural plans, however, we’d like to give you an opportunity to make any adjustments so that the closets are best suited for your family.


We are available on weekdays, evenings and most weekends to meet at your home under construction.  We do not locate items such as air conditioners, outdoor water faucets.  We will recommend locations, but will not install until we have your approval.   We will provide “Mockups” of coffered ceilings (section), columns, arches, niches or other architectural elements so you can see it before it’s built and are able to make adjustments.  We want it to be just the way you have envisioned it, and sometimes the mockup is the best way to accomplish that.

We will always provide our recommendations but we also feel your vision is important – and there are most likely many ways to achieve architectural elements in a home.